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Studio|Tetsushi Tominaga Architect & Associates 

Staff|Tetsushi Tominaga 

Floor area|117.60㎡

Consultant|ladderup architects


Photo|Ken’ichi Suzuki


都内の限られた大きさの宅地において、そこに建つ住宅内部の大きさにも限りがある。一般的には空間の豊かさの指標は「広さ」によって測られがちなため、都内の住宅は自ずと「数」が少なくなってしまうのが常である。この計画においてはその「数」に着目し、極力増やすことで多彩なシーンを生み、豊かさを獲得することを試みた。まず敷地いっぱいに描いた四角い壁の領域を9分割の中仕切り(CELL PARTITION)で分節した。その分節された10㎡程の領域を屋内と屋外に分け、更に各々の領域に床を最大で2枚挿入することで、数多くの個性のある空間を生み出した。中仕切りには各々の空間が連結するための欠き込みを入れ、移動するたびにその個性が互いににじみ合いながら切り替わることで、日常に多彩且つ微細な変化を与えている。またその欠き込みを下から上へ向かうほど狭め、上に移動するほど壁量が増え、森林の上部に生息する小動物のように自然とプライバシーが確保できる棲(HABITAT)となっている。



In Tokyo, housing space is extremely limited due to overpopulation. Thus, people tend to measure the quality of a house by its size-the number of rooms being an important factor, especially for large families.

To fulfill this demand, this project has focused on maximizing the number of rooms in the house, with each room designed in its own colorful, unique way.

First, we divided the rectangular housing lot into nine sections using cell partitions.

The sections are approximately 10m², with a maximum of two floors inserted in each of the sections to maximize the number of rooms in the house. By adding large, high windows in each room, we also focused on bringing each room closer to nature, minimizing the divide between the indoors and the environment outside as much as possible and providing a unique, outdoor atmosphere as well.

Next, we added chipped parts in all of the cell partitions as a connecting device, allowing the owner to move the cell partition walls and add their own changes to the layout of the house. Thus, this house is a work of synergy between the architect and the homeowner, continuing to change and evolve by the hands of the inhabitant.

Furthermore, by making the space between the chipped parts smaller as it goes up the cell partitions, we have created loft-like rooms in the upper area  of the house. Smaller, and having less window-space than the rest of the house, these rooms up above provide a private space for the homeowner-somewhat like a private habitat for a small animal in a forest.

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